2014 Super Bowl Prop Betting!

Ricky Rothstein | Updated Feb 01, 2014


Super Bowl XLVIII has as many different bets associated with it as there are TV ads featuring Peyton Manning. Everyone knows about the pointspread, moneyline and total, but what are the others? Ricky Rothstein delivers the rundown.

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How long with the National Anthem be? How will Renée Fleming wear her hair when she sings it? Will she use a microphone or a headset? Will it snow? Who’ll be MVP? What color will the winning coach’s Gatorade shower be?

People who never bet, bet on the Super Bowl. It’s the biggest event in sports, it’s the single sports event that everybody has some kind of rooting interest in, no matter how tenuous. So it only makes sense that it’s the most bet-on sports event too, with bets to cater to every taste, as indicated by some of the prop bets listed above.

Bet Now on Super Bowl XLVIII Props!

Every football game has pointspreads, totals and moneyline bets, as well as half-time and winning margin bets. But because the Super Bowl is what it is, sportsbooks offers bets on everything it can possibly offer bets on. Some are suited to the specialists, and some are for people who just want to have fun.

The most popular Super Bowl prop bet is MVP. Peyton Manning is the favorite at 2.00, returning ten dollars’ profit on every ten bet, with Russell Wilson next at 4.00. They’re the quarterbacks, and over half of Super Bowl MVPs have been quarterbacks – it is the most important position on the field. It’s 6.00 on Marshawn Lynch, and then 21.00 the field. It’s a good longshot bet to pick someone to have a huge game and win the MVP that way. Only one cornerback has won MVP, the Cowboys’ Larry Brown in Super Bowl XXX. Seattle’s Richard Sherman is 34.00 to win MVP. Only sayin’.

There are host of other individual player props then – total passing yards for Manning and Wilson, total rushing yards for the running backs, receiving yards for the receivers, tackles and sacks for the linemen and linebackers and so on right down through both teams rosters.

There are team props on touchdowns, field goals, safeties, turnovers and first downs, and there are the weather props mentioned above. And if you’re betting the anthem, go with Under 142, hair down and mike. I want to live in this dream that exhilarates me, as Ms Fleming sometimes sings in her day job, and what words describe Super Bowl prop betting better?

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