California Dreaming on an Interleague Baseball Weekend

Frank Doyle | Updated Oct 04, 2017


Frank Doyle wonders if it was the return of interleague play that so bothered Lady Gaga in Queens last night.

Lady Gaga is doing some media crossover this weekend. The singer attended the Padres at Mets game in Citi Field last night but the New York crowd, as only a New York crowd can do, turned on her. So, being a New Yorker herself, she fought fire with fire and delivered a one-finger salute to her detractors.

Nobody is quite sure why she got upset. I like to think it’s because she feels an interleague weekend without a subway series just doesn’t seem right, somehow. We sympathise, but we can’t agree.

Interleague play, strange and all as it still seems, is part of the season now and it can make or break seasons – as Joe Torre has been grumbling about. This weekend throws up lots of interesting matchups.

Not least in California, where the Pac 10 realignment might be matched by some interleague matchups that make for really interesting MLB betting.

In northern California, Oakland crosses the bay to take on San Francisco. The teams are quite similar, where a struggling offense isn’t making the most of some pretty good pitching. Oakland has historically dominated the series and swept the Giants in the first series back in May, but Tim Lincecum didn’t pitch in that series. Lincecum, 5-2, 3.20 ERA, takes the hill tonight against Oakland’s Gio Gonzalez, 6-3, 3.58 ERA.

Moving south along the Californian coast, the Angels visit Chavez Ravine in a series that matches the Subway Series for edge – in a laid-back Californian way, of course. The Dodgers are the best team in the National League right now but the Angels have thrived on their visits to Dodger Stadium and that makes the Dodgers’ even madder. Tonight, the Angels’ Joel Pineiro, 4-6, 5.23 ERA, pitches against the Dodgers’ Chad Billingsley, 6-3, 3.80 ERA.

In the Midwest, the Chicago teams continue their eternal rivalry, but it’s been overshadowed by the Blackhawks’ victory parade, which is rolling down Washington and Michigan Avenues this morning. For anyone that can get to Wrigley Field, the White Sox’s Jake Peavy, 4-5, 5.90 ERA, pitches against the Cubs’ Randy Wells, 3-4, 4.86 ERA.