What is Grand Salami Betting on Baseball and Hockey?

grand salami betting

Bettors looking for new and unique ways of betting on hockey and baseball must look no further than the Grand Salami bet.

What is a Grand Salami Bet?

Usually only available for hockey and baseball, the Grand Salami is a bet in which you wager on the Over/Under of the total number of runs or goals produced in every single game combined on one day of matchups.

The sportsbook will post the estimated total for that day’s games, and you decide if think the actual final number will be Over or Under the posted total.

Grand Salami Bets for the NHL

The NHL’s 31 teams play 82 games in their regular season. Some nights will see just a few teams playing on the schedule, but there are plenty of days in which you’ll see most of the teams scheduled to play. Let’s take a look at an example of a regular season night with three games on the menu.

Toronto Maple Leafs at Montreal Canadiens 6.0 Washington Capitals at Pittsburgh Penguins 5.0 Anaheim Ducks at Vancouver Canucks 5.5

So, when you combine the three totals of those games, you’ll get a final total of 16.5. Sportsbooks will have a look at the slate of games, and based on a number of factors, including injuries, whether a team has had to travel, etc., will set a Grand Salami total. In our example, we’ll have the oddsmaker adjust their total to reflect circumstantial factors.

Over 18.0 (-110) Under 18.0 (-110)

The Grand Salami total is set at 18, so if you think the games will be higher scoring, you’d want to bet the Over. If you think the games will be low-scoring, you should bet the Under.

Grand Salami Bets for Baseball

Because teams in Major League Baseball play so many games (each of the 30 teams plays 162 games in their regular season) you’ll often see all the teams playing on the same day, which means there will be plenty of chances to make a Grand Salami wager. You’ll find this kind of bet on up to 15 games during the baseball season.

Factors like weather, how large the slate of games is, as well as the teams playing, will affect the odds set by the sportsbook. The payouts can vary but you’ll usually find them in the Even to +/- 120 range. Something to keep in mind is that if any of the games get cancelled or postponed, the Grand Salami bet for that day will also be cancelled.

The Grand Salami odds are set for baseball in a similar way to how they’re set for hockey. The totals of all the games being played that day are set, and then the book will usually adjust that number to reflect daily circumstances. For example, the combined total for a one day of MLB games might be 118.5, and the oddsmakers will set the Grand Salami total at 123.5 after adjustment.

As with any Totals bet, if you wager on the Over, you’re betting that more than 123.5 runs will be scored on the full day’s slate. Under bettors are wagering that the totals number will be lower.