How to Bet on the WNBA

There has been a massive increase in interest in women’s basketball over the last few years, with arenas selling out for WNBA games, and women’s NCAA March Madness games breaking online viewership records for the 2022 season.

A 2023 WNBA exhibition preseason game in Toronto showed that Canada would be an excellent place for an expansion team to set up shop. Basketball fans are keeping their fingers crossed that the WNBA will continue to expand alongside its popularity.

As interest surges, as does interest in betting on the WNBA. For newcomers to betting, we’ve put together this extensive guide to betting on women’s basketball.

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How to Bet on WNBA in Canada

  1. Watch the games! Being familiar with the sport and the teams you’ll be betting on will help you make informed decisions.
  2. Learn and understand the many types of bets you can make on a WNBA game.
  3. Familiarize yourself with different betting strategies and tips and manage your bankroll wisely.
  4. Sign up with Sports Interaction to place your first wager.

Learn More About WNBA Stats

This first step might seem like a given, particularly if you’re already a WNBA fan, but knowing a game, and knowing what you need in order to successfully wager on it are very different things. A bettor will tend to keep their eye on roster changes, injury lists, road vs. home performance records, how a team did the previous season, which lineups work best against an opponent’s offensive and defensive schemes, coaching tendencies and so on.

Check out our article on how the WNBA season works to get yourself up to speed!

There’s a reason that people who wager on sports love statistics and there’s no shortage of stats available to look at, regardless of the sport you’re researching. Look at team stats like rebounding, free throws, field-goal percentages, strength of schedule, etc. Check out the WNBA team’s stats page to get started!

Different Types of WNBA Basketball Bets

As with any sport you can make bets on, there’s much more to placing a bet than just wagering on who will win the game. Let’s take a look at the betting options available.

Moneyline Betting on WNBA Basketball

The most simple kind of wager you can make – betting the moneyline – means betting on which team will win the game. That simplicity makes it one of the more popular bet types. Let’s have a closer look at a game between the Las Vegas Aces and the Connecticut Sun.

In our example above, Connecticut Sun are listed as +166, which makes them the underdog against the Las Vegas Aces, who are -200.  If you wanted to place a $100 dollar bet on the Sun to beat the Aces  in this game, and they won, your total winnings, including your original bet amount, would be $266.

The Las Vegas Aces have been priced at -200, with the (-) sign indicating that they are the favorites in this matchup. That same $100 bet on the favored Vegas team would make your payout, including your original wager amount, $150.

Betting on WNBA Point Spreads

Basketball bettors love to wager on the point spread. Simply put, when you bet on the spread, you’re betting on how many points a team will win or lose by. Let’s have a look at this game between the Seattle Storm and the Phoenix Mercury as an example.

If you are placing a wager on Phoenix, then they must win by seven or more points for you to win your bet. Let’s say the final score is 89-80 for Phoenix, which gives the Mercury a nine-point win, which is more than the 6.5-point spread. That means that if you bet $110 on Phoenix, you will win $100.

If you are betting on the Seattle Storm, then they can lose by no more than six points – or win. For example, if the final score is 89-86 for Phoenix, then the Storm only lost by three and you’d win your bet.

For more examples, please read our in-depth guide to point spread betting.

WNBA Over/Under and Totals Betting

Over/Under betting on the WNBA is a fun wager for basketball bettors. What you are wagering on is whether the total score is going to be Over or Under the number set by the sportsbook. So, if the total final score is higher than the predicted number, then the Over wins; if it is lower than that number, the Under wins. Let’s look at our Mercury vs. Storm game again to see how this works.

As you can see, the total has been set at 162, with the odds appearing as follows:

Totals: 162.0 Over (-110) Under (+110)

Let’s imagine that you bet $110 that the total score will be Over 162 points, which would mean you could potentially win $100. Or, if you are betting that the total score be Under 162 then you’d win $110 by betting $100. If the game finished 100-62, landing on exactly 162 points, then that would be what sportsbooks call a “push,” meaning that all bets would be returned to bettors because neither the Over or Under came through. This is why you’ll often see totals listed by half-points (eg. 216.5).

To learn more about this kind of bet, see our guide to Totals and Over/Under betting.

WNBA Futures Betting

Below we see a futures bet card for which team will win the WNBA Championship. The Las Vegas Aces are the favorites here, priced at -133. The biggest underdog in this tournament are the Indiana Fever at +6750. A $100 bet on the Fever to win the Championship would put an extra $6810.00 in your pocket if that bet paid off. There’s a lot more risk with futures bets, with a lot more in terms of reward if your team actually wins.

The Aces are at -133 so a $100 bet would return $175 if they did go on to win the WNBA Championship.