Kato Kaelin: OJ Simpson Did It

Ellen Delaney | Updated Sep 20, 2012

Kato Kaelin

After years of speculation and a shocking trial that rocked the nation, Kato Kaelin has changed his mind and has confessed that OJ Simpson indeed killed Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman.

It is a shocking revelation considering Kato is the only person known to be with OJ around the time of the murders in June 1994.

Kato went to McDonald’s with OJ came back to the house and was in OJ’s guest house on Rockingham when OJ allegedly hit the air conditioner in an attempt to hide the bloody glove.

During the trial, Kato played stupid, claiming he didn’t know anything, but now Kato is telling the NY Post that since he can’t be prosecuted for perjury he can now say for certain that “Yes, he did it.”

So why didn’t he tell anyone back when it mattered? “I was too scared. I was terrified.”

“People hated me. I’ve been spat upon. They threw gum in my coffee.”

Although OJ was acquitted of the murders, he was found responsible for their deaths in the civil trial. Ron Goldman’s father had been pursuing OJ since the acquittal. And as we all know, Simpson was later convicted of 12 criminal counts for storming a hotel room where some of his memorabilia was being sold off. Simpson was found guilty of Kidnapping, armed robbery, burglary 13 years to the day after the man once known as Juice was acquitted of the murders.

Speaking outside the courthouse, Fred Goldman had said, “There’s never closure, Ron is always gone, but what we have is satisfaction that this monster is behind bars where he belongs.”

Kaelin, now the host of the sports show “Tailgating with Kato,” has hinted at Simpson’s guilt before.

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