Angelina Jolie Pining for Colin Ferrell?

Ellen Delaney | Updated Jan 04, 2013

Colin Ferrell and Angelina Jolie

For those of you who love salacious gossip, this one’s for you. Perez Hilton’s gossip rag is reporting that Angelina Jolie’s love for Brad Pitt is luke warm at best – while her burning passion lies with former flame – bad boy Colin Ferrell.

Reports say that Jolie was infatuated with Ferrell back when they filmed Alexander together and although he took the bait and had relations with the actress, he also had relations with others as well, driving Jolie crazy. Apparently, Ferrell got wind of her infatuation and cut her off during the promotion of the film, and that’s when it’s said that she met the then-married Pitt. 

Hilton reports, “she didn’t feel the same kind of maddening infatuation for Brad that she experienced with Colin. So it was more like settling.”

However, it’s been widely reported that Jolie and Pitt actually may have tied the knot over the holidays, with The London Telegraph saying that the world’s most anticipated event happened Christmas Day, during a family vacation in the Caribbean.

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