The Great (CFL) Debate – Part 3

Guest Blogger | Updated Aug 18, 2011


Written By Guest Blogger: Jenn Cox

Wanna get the goods on last week’s CFL games? Or maybe you’re not really a total CFL fan (yet)? Then look no further – four of football’s biggest fans get together to discuss who played well (and who didn’t), what they love about the CFL (and what they hate), and everything in between.

The Old-Timer After two consecutive losses, the Al’s offense rose from the dead to beat the Argos 36-23 last week. This week the defense made a similar statement, registering five sacks in the first half (four in the Eskies first eight plays from scrimmage). Chip Cox was a one man wrecking crew, forcing a fumble and making numerous tackles. Ramon Guzman made a highlight reel hit in the fourth quarter, rocking the Eskimo’s Jerome Messam. Two sure TD passes were dropped by Edmonton receivers Jason Armstead and Jason Barnes to add to their offensive frustration.

Montreal’s offense again looked on track with Calvillo registering another record-breaking stat, hitting the 70,000 career passing yards marker with the helping hands of receivers S.J. Green, Jamel Richardson and Brian Bratton. Again, the running of Brandon Whittaker left me assured that we have a great replacement for Colborne, since Hamilton answered to Avon’s calling (gasp moment – for all us Als fans when Anthony went down awkwardly, twisting his knee and ankle late in the third quarter). But he showed that old timers can bounce back too – phew!

OK Argo fans, I know you’re not happy with the 37-32 loss you suffered at the hands of the Ti-Cats Saturday night, but we couldn’t ask for a more entertaining game to watch as football fans, especially our brand of wide-open CFL style football.

Which brings me to this – as a lifelong football fan, I can find enjoyment watching the game played by amateurs and pros alike, whether it’s a contest between two mosquito teams at a local park or highly-paid NFL players doing battle on a Sunday afternoon. If the game is evenly matched, I can walk away having been entertained because I love the game of football. The heart and talent of the individual meshed with the collective teamwork is the essence of the game, and the game is what attracts me. So when I hear from some “football fans” that they don’t like the CFL because it’s a mere shadow of the NFL game, I think they’re missing the boat. I agree that the talent levels are worlds apart, that a CFL team wouldn’t stand a chance against even the poorest NFL team. But my point is – if you’re a football fan, a close contest can be exciting and entertaining, no matter who’s playing, as long as the two teams are not miles apart on the talent meter, and they’re playing the game the way it’s intended to be played.

Football fans should judge the game for the game itself, and not by the players’ salaries.

That’s this old-timer’s take, anyway.

The Weekend Warrior The Argo Defense took another hit this week when stalwart linebacker Kevin Eiben went down with a torn pectoral muscle… ok, so maybe the not-so-stalwart Kevin Eiben, given that his 100 tackles last year had dwindled to 18 and he had lost his role as a starter. Still, his leadership and index finger will be missed. He was holding up more than the ball in the role of field-goal holder, as heir apparent Grant Shaw struggles with consistency.

While Eiben placated his painful pectoral, Cleo Lemon was the zest on the Argo cocktail, completing 26-of-36 pass attempts for 368 yards with no interceptions as the offense garnered 506 yards. All of this beautiful gridiron ballet culminated in… the team’s 6th straight loss. This team, whose bottoms are anything but up, could drive a Weekend Warrior to drink! Aaaarggggh-O’s!!