Auction nets Alberta Gretzky memorabilia collector $550K

Frank Doyle | Thu. Jun 20 2013, 11:06 am

The most prolific Wayne Gretzky memorabilia collector has struck it rich in an online auction. The first part of Shawn Chaulk’s collection netted just under $550,000 when the auction finished Wednesday morning.

“I’ve had an absolute blast putting this together,” Chaulk told CTV’s Canada AM Wednesday. “I have those memories, I experienced all those things and that stuff can’t be put on the auction block. My memories I’ll always have.”

Chaulk, who collected Gretzky memorabilia for more than two decades, decided to sell the majority of his collection because of the problems he had trying to insure it. Well, that and the fact that he basically had everything that he wanted by the end of it.

The jersey Gretzky wore when he scored his 500th goal with the Edmonton Oilers was sold for $356,000 itself. He also sold a pair of skates No. 99 wore during that game as well as numerous pucks, sticks, helmets and gloves which spanned Gretzky’s career.

“When you’re a fan, fans are usually at a distance,” Chaulk told the Canadian Press in the basement back in May, when he decided to put the collection up for auction.”You love the game. You love the athletes, at a distance. At best, you get to attend an event and see them in person. Again, from a distance. And that’s as close as we get. This was all to help me get closer to the game.”

Chaulk still has a portion of his Gretzky collection and expects to hear from private buyers sooner rather than later. He thinks some of the items remaining could be sold for more than the $356,000 Oilers jersey.

“While we were busy auctioning this group of stuff out the front door, there was a lineup of people knocking on the back door looking for private deals,” said Chaulk. “In one single transaction this week, I sold a group of five items for over $100,000.”