FIFA World Cup Odds Tracker – Qatar 2022

2022 world cup qatar odds tracker

The 2022 World Cup will take place in Qatar, making it the very first time that the event will take place in the Middle East. As of this writing, the tournament is scheduled to be held from November 21st to December.

Because of Qatar’s incredibly hot summers, FIFA scheduled the 2022 World Cup to take place in the winter. This will be the 22nd edition of the World Cup.

2022 World Cup Odds Tracker

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    Track the top ten countries with the best odds to win the World Cup in Qatar in 2022. Check back frequently to monitor the changing futures odds.

    2022 World Cup Odds – All Teams

    Team Odds
    Brazil +536
    France +590
    Germany +734
    Spain +763
    England +910
    Belgium +978
    Argentina +1047
    Netherlands +1406
    Italy +1410
    Portugal +1633
    Croatia +4166
    Uruguay +4536
    Colombia +4610
    Chile +6160
    Mexico +7740
    Sweden +8740
    Serbia +9850
    Turkey +10000
    Ukraine +10100
    USA +10200
    Switzerland +11300
    Denmark +11400
    Qatar +13200
    Norway +14200
    Poland +14300
    Austria +14900
    Wales +15500
    Czech Republic +15500
    Nigeria +15700
    Bosnia & Herzegovina +15900
    Paraguay +16100
    Ivory Coast +16300
    Ghana +17200
    Cameroon +17700
    Greece +18900
    Algeria +19700
    Morocco +20300
    Japan +20800
    Romania +20800
    Senegal +20800
    Egypt +20900
    Iceland +21000
    Ecuador +21800
    Peru +22200
    Australia +22400
    China +22700
    Republic Of Ireland +22900
    South Korea +30100
    Slovakia +31900
    Slovenia +32500
    Montenegro +33500
    Iran +37900
    Bulgaria +43600
    Tunisia +44300
    Israel +45400
    Scotland +50000
    Northern Ireland +50000
    Saudi Arabia +50000
    Cyprus +50000
    Honduras +50000
    New Zealand +50000
    Albania +50000
    South Africa +50000
    Panama +50000
    Georgia +50000
    India +50000
    Kosovo +50000
    Canada +50000
    Iraq +50000
    Hungary +50000
    Malta +50000
    Finland +50000
    Costa Rica +50000

    Odds as of December 18, 2020 - 05:23am ET

    Betting on the winner of the 2022 World Cup has already begun, with futures odds available for all nations. As of late 2020, Brazil and France top the list. Brazil has won the most World Cup titles of all time with five – in 1958, 1962, 1970, 1994 and  2002.

    Canada shares the longest odds on the board with countries like Costa Rica and Finland at +50,000. A $20 dollar bet on Canada to win the World Cup would earn you a cool $10,000 if they miraculously pulled off the win.

    2022 World Cup Qualifiers

    Qualifying for the 2022 World Cup began on June 6, 2019. The dates listed below may change due to the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic.

    Europe (UEFA)

    55 European countries will compete through qualifying, and they’ll be separated into 10 different groups when the draw is held on Sunday, November 29, 2020. The Qualifying will get underway in March of 2021.

    2021 UEFA Match Dates

    1-3: March 24 to 31

    4-6: September 1 to 8

    7-8: October 8-12

    9-10: November 11-16

    South America (CONMEBOL)

    all 10 nations play each other home and away. The top four nations qualify directly to the finals. The fifth-place team will go into an intercontinental playoff (draw to be determined).

    The first four rounds of qualifiers in March and September 2020 were suspended and it will now begin in October 2020.

    North America/Central America/Caribbean (CONCACAF)

    CONCACAF has 35 FIFA-affiliated countries, and they have been drawn into six groups of five. The first round will get underway in March of 2021.

    Group A: El Salvador, Antigua and Barbuda, Grenada, Montserrat, US Virgin Islands

    Group B: Canada,Suriname, Bermuda, Cayman Islands, Aruba

    Group C: Curaçao, Guatemala, St Vincent and the Grenadines, Cuba, British Virgin Islands

    Group D: Panama, Dominican Republic, Barbados, Dominica, Anguilla

    Group E: Haiti, Nicaragua, Belize, St Lucia, Turks and Caicos Islands

    Group F: Trinidad and Tobago, St Kitts and Nevis, Guyana, Puerto Rico, Bahamas

    Africa (CAF)

    The CAF group stage will get take place May 31-June 15. The Groups are:

    Group A: Algeria, Burkina Faso, Niger, Djibouti

    Group B: Tunisia, Zambia, Mauritania, Equatorial Guinea,

    Group C: Nigeria, Cape Verde, Central African Republic, Liberia

    Group D: Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Mozambique, Malawi

    Group E: Mali, Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda

    Group F: Egypt, Gabon, Libya, Angola

    Group G: Ghana, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Ethiopia

    Group H: Senegal, Congo, Namibia, Togo

    Group I: Morocco, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Sudan

    Group J: Congo DR, Benin, Madagascar, Tanzania

    Asia (AFC)

    Group A: China, Syria, Philippines, Maldives, Guam

    Group B: Australia, Jordan, Chinese Taipei, Kuwait, Nepal

    Group C: Iran, Iraq, Bahrain, Hong Kong, Cambodia

    Group D: Saudi Arabia, Uzbekistan, Palestine, Yemen, Singapore

    Group E: Bangladesh, Oman, India, Afghanistan, Qatar

    Group F: Japan, Kyrgyz Republic, Tajikistan, Myanmar, Mongolia

    Group G: United Arab Emirates, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia

    Group H: South Korea, Lebanon, North Korea, Turkmenistan, Sri Lanka

    Oceania (OFC)

    There are eleven FIFA-affiliated teams in the OFC and they will all play in the qualifiers. The first round will take place in March and June on 2021 and the second round semifinals will be played in September of that year, with a final scheduled for October 2021.

    Betting on the 2022 World Cup Qatar

    Betting on the World Cup has never been easier, whether you’re a first-time bettor or a seasoned pro. There are plenty of ways to wager on soccer’s biggest event, held every four years, and you can check out our how to bet on FIFA World Cup for more. Let’s take a quick look at your current betting options.

    World Cup Futures Betting

    Until the group matches are set for 2022, the only World Cup betting option is the Futures bet. These odds are set long before the event occurs, and can shift up and down depending on many different factors, such as player availability.

    For the 2018 World Cup, the futures odds board showed Brazil as the favorite to win. They’re listed here as +533 favorites, with France a close second at +590. If you were to bet $20 on Brazil to win the tournament, and they did, you’d come away with $126, including your original wager amount.