UFC 259 Odds: Islam Makhachev vs. Drew Dober Prediction

Andrew Rogers | Updated Mar 05, 2021


At these odds, the only thing preventing Makhachev from pulling out the victory might be overconfidence.

Drew Dober has gone from potential UFC cut candidate to lightweight on the rise as he prepares to face red-hot Islam Makhachev at UFC 259 on Saturday. Makhachev is a whopping -460 favourite to win on the MMA odds, as he brings a six-fight winning streak into this weekend’s marquee bout with Dober (+305), who has put together three consecutive victories and has shown a much more well-rounded fight game than he had early in his professional career.

Islam Makhachev UFC 259 Odds

Makhachev (18-1) is a significant favourite here, and it’s easy to see why. He’s considered one of the most cerebral fighters in his weight class, having absorbed the fewest significant strikes per minute of any fighter in the entire UFC. He’ll look to keep Dober at a distance, though he’s quite capable in counter-striking should Dober get close enough to engage. Makhachev is also a solid takedown technician, and should be able to get Dober on his back.

At these odds, the only thing preventing Makhachev from pulling out the victory might be overconfidence. Makhachev has looked impressive over the course of his winning streak, but hasn’t produced many “wow” moments – and if he doesn’t come out with his best effort here, it’s possible that Dober’s energy might surprise Makhachev and put him on his heels. That said, with a takedown attack this formidable, Makhachev has more leeway than most fighters.

Drew Dober UFC 259 Odds

Dober is a completely different fighter than when he began his UFC career, fashioning an impressive winning streak in which he has recorded stoppages in all three victories. Dober’s strength lies in his ability to explode into his opponent, eluding defence and either striking quickly or securing a takedown. And while Makhachev is one of the best at evading such efforts, he hasn’t encountered many fighters with the speed and timing of Dober.

As for where Dober might struggle, it’s clear: Makhachev is a world-class fighter, and has made a living out of avoiding trouble. He’ll be ready for whatever Dober throws at him, so Dober might need to find a way to mix it up. And that would almost assuredly take him out of his comfort zone. Dober will need to be extra careful at picking his spots to attack – and even then, there’s no guarantee he’ll be able to do the damage he needs to do to upend Makhachev.

Makhachev vs. Dober UFC 259 Prediction

This fight likely won’t make it to Round 3, with Makhachev in prime position to make a statement with a submission win over a streaking opponent.