Latest George St. Pierre, Rory MacDonald News Stings Canadian UFC Fans

Frank Doyle | Updated Feb 10, 2015

Rory MacDonald Georges St. Pierre

Monday was an eventful day for Canada’s two biggest stars in mixed martial arts, Georges St. Pierre and Rory MacDonald.

St. Pierre, who remains on his leave from UFC competition, spoke at length with The MMA Hour’s Ariel Helwani Monday afternoon. GSP touched on a wide range of topics from Anderson Silva’s positive drug test at UFC 183 to whether his fans will ever see him in the octagon again.

When asked about a possible return, St. Pierre admitted he’s healthy, is training regularly and that he still “feels the itch” to come back to the UFC. However, before anyone could begin rolling out the red carpet for his return, the former welterweight champion definitively stated that he would never fight in the UFC again without independent and extensive drug testing.

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“The conditions for me to return, if I want to return, I need my fight to be tested by an organization that is independent and competent,” St. Pierre said.

“It needs to be done; otherwise I’m not coming back. I’m wealthy, I’m healthy, I don’t need to put my life at risk.”

So that puts speculation of GSP’s return to be at least for now. St-Pierre also confirmed that UFC president Dana White offered him a fight with Anderson Silva in his hometown of Montreal at UFC 186, an offer GSP turned down.

Meanwhile, that card lost a lot more appeal for Montreal residents when news came down that Rory MacDonald’s fight with Hector Lombard had been pulled from the card. MacDonald had been promised a title fight in late-2014 but the UFC’s plans changed after Robbie Lawler defeated Johny Hendricks to claim the welterweight title.

As of now, nobody knows why MacDonald-Lombard got the hook. In its place, Demetrious Johnson will put his flyweight title on the line against Kyoji Horiguchi, but that’s not the fight Montreal fans were looking forward to.

MacDonald has trained in Montreal for years and has been adopted by the city. Now everyone waits to see what is next for the top-ranked Canadian fighter.