2020 MLB World Series Odds Tracker

World Series Odds Tracker

Sports Interaction offers Major League Baseball fans this tracker hub, which tracks the 2020 World Series odds for all 30 teams in the league. Be sure to check back regularly, as the odds are updated throughout the entire season. Compare your team’s odds to all the other teams in the league, or to the other teams in their division. Throughout the season, you can check our MLB betting page for every single game.

This page currently features the futures betting odds for the 2020 World Series and will take a closer look at the different ways you can bet on the World Series once it begins.

On October 19th, the LA Dodgers came back from 3-1 down against the Braves to earn their place in the 2020 World Series against the Tampa Bay Rays. The Dodgers opened as the favorite. 

2020 World Series Odds

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    American League Odds

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      AL East World Series Odds

      When the 2020 season started, it was the New York Yankees who were favoured to not only win the American League East, but perhaps go all the way to the World Series final.  Fortune wasn’t smiling on the Yankees, however, as injuries plagued the club, allowing the Tampa Bay Rays to surge ahead in the AL East.

      AL Central World Series Odds

      The Chicago White Sox are currently at the top of this division, with the Minnesota Twins just behind them. The Cleveland Indians are the only other team in the division with odds to win the AL Central, but they are longshots.

      AL West World Series Odds

      The Oakland A’s have clinched this division.

      National League Odds

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        NL East World Series Odds

        The Atlanta Braves are the likely winners of this division, with the Philadelphia Phillies just behind them on the odds chart.

        NL Central World Series Odds

        The Chicago Cubs all but have this division locked up, with only the St. Louis Cardinals close behind. The Cubs last won this division in 2017.

        NL West World Series Odds

        The Los Angeles Dodgers are a lock in the National League West, and are the favourite to win this year’s World Series.

        Betting on the 2020 World Series

        As soon as the Major League Baseball season starts, you can place a wager on who you think will win the World Series that year. It’s called a futures bet, which simply put means you’re betting on events that will happen in the future. As the season progresses and the teams rise and fall in the standings, their futures odds are adjusted.

        You would see odds listed like this:

        Los Angeles Dodgers +325

        Chicago Cubs +1100

        In a futures bet, its always the team priced with the lowest odds that is the favourite. In our example, it’s the Dodgers at +375.  The higher the number in the odds, the more of an underdog the team is. In our example, the Chicago Cubs are priced at +1100.

        If you bet $100 on the Cubs at the beginning of the season and they won the World Series, you’d get a payout of $1,200, including your original $100. The same bet on the favourite – the Dodgers – would earn you $425, including your original $100 bet amount.

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