2020 Stanley Cup Odds Tracker

Updated Sep 01, 2020

Sports Interaction’s NHL Stanley Cup Odds Tracker lets you monitor the constantly shifting odds for all teams in the National Hockey League. You can use our interactive tracker to compare and contrast individual teams, conferences and divisions as the teams compete for hockey’s greatest prize.

2020 Stanley Cup Top Contenders

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    Which team is currently leading the odds to win the 2020 Stanley Cup? Simply mouse over the most recent date to see which teams are the most recent favourites. You can even see how their odds have shifted over the last year.

    2020 Stanley Cup Betting Odds

    Team Odds
    Tampa Bay Lightning -125
    Dallas Stars +137
    New York Islanders +1000

    Odds as of September 16, 2020 - 03:42am ET

    2020 Stanley Cup Playoff Updates

    • August 15th – The Bruins’ Tuuka Rask has opted out the rest of the 2020 playoffs. Jaraslav Halak will take over the starting goaltender position.
    • August 19th –  The Columbus Blue Jackets, the Carolina Hurricanes and the Arizona Coyotes are eliminated from the 2020 NHL Playoffs.
    • August 20th – The Washington Capitals and the Calgary Flames are eliminated from the playoffs.
    • August 21st – The St. Louis Blues and the Montreal Canadiens are eliminated from the Stanley Cup playoffs.

    The 2020 Stanley Cup Playoff Format

    Because of the NHL early shutdown due to COVID-19, the league had to create a new playoff format that needed to take the highly unusual and abrupt end of the regular season into account.

    To accomplish this, they organized a qualifying round for the bottom eight teams in each conference, in which the teams competed in a best-of-five series to determine who would move on to the playoffs. The top four teams in each conference used a round robin style tournament to establish seeding.

    The result of the round robin and the qualifying tournament was a final 16 teams, who would go on to compete in the familiar best-of-seven playoff format.

    Top Eastern Conference Teams

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      Before the Blues claimed the Stanley Cup last season, the trophy was won by Eastern Conference clubs in the previous three years, with the Penguins winning it in 2016 and 2017, and the Washington Capitals claiming it in 2018.

      Now that the playoffs have officially started, the Flyers and the Lightning are currently the odds leaders in the East to bring home Lord Stanley in 2020.

      Atlantic Division

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        The Atlantic Division hasn’t had a Stanley Cup win since 2011, when the Boston Bruins beat the Canucks in game 7 of the Finals.The last time a team from the Atlantic division won the Stanley Cup was the Boston Bruins in 2011. Boston is back in the conversation this season, and they’re just behind the Tampa Bay Lightning for best odds in the Atlantic.

        Metropolitan Division

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          The Metro division is home to Pittsburgh and Washington – where the Cup has been won three out of the last four years. The Penguins were upset in the qualifying round of the 2020 playoffs by the huge underdog team – the Montreal Canadiens. As of this writing, the Philadelphia Flyers lead the odds board for Metro Division teams.

          Top Western Conference Teams

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            The Vancouver Canucks hadn’t been in the postseason since 2015, where they were eliminated in the first round.

            The Western Conference boasts the current favourite to win this year’s Cup, with the Las Vegas Golden Knights topping the overall list at +400 as of August 14th.

            Central Division

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              The Colorado Avalanche are strong favourites in the Central Division, currently priced at +400, a strong lead over the next best odds which are priced at +2000 for the Dallas Stars.

              Pacific Division

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                Home to the Vegas Golden Knights, who own the best odds (+375) to win the Stanley Cup among teams in the West. The Calgary Flames (+2500) and the Vancouver Canucks (+2000) are comfortably ahead of the struggling Arizona Coyotes, who are longshots at +15000.

                Canadian NHL Teams – Best Odds to Win Stanley Cup

                Ask any Canadian, and they will tell you (angrily) that the Stanley Cup hasn’t been won by a Canadian team since 1994. That’s so long ago, that most of the young players in the league weren’t yet born the last time it was won by a Canadian city. The Montreal Canadiens were the last to do it. They’re +3300 long shots to do it again in 2020. But what about the rest of the Canadian teams that remain in the 2020 playoffs?

                After the Maple Leafs and the Jets were eliminated in the qualifying round, it fell on the Vancouver Canucks and the Calgary Flames to become the country’s best chance, as of this writing, to bring glory back to Canada. The Flames and Habs have been eliminated leaving the the young Vancouver Canucks team, which is priced at +1000.

                Past Championships for Canadian Teams

                TeamStanley CupsFinals AppearancesLast ChampionshipLast Finals Appearance
                Montreal Canadiens243319931993
                Toronto Maple Leafs132119671967
                Edmonton Oilers5719902006
                Calgary Flames1319892004
                Vancouver Canucks03N/A2011
                Ottawa Senators01N/A2007
                Winnipeg Jets00N/AN/A

                What is a Stanley Cup Futures Bet?

                You don’t have to wait for the actual tournament to bet on the Stanley Cup however, thanks to futures betting, because as soon as a Stanley Cup Champion is crowned, futures odds on next year’s potential winner are posted. As with most futures odds, because there are so many unknowns that could affect a team before and throughout the regular season, making a bet on the future winner is a calculated risk.

                According to the latest futures odds, the Golden Knights are the favourites to win the Cup at +500. That means that a $10 bet on the Knights to win would earn you a total 0f $60, including your original bet amount. For a long shot team, like the Montreal Canadiens, your $10 bet on their +3300 odds would earn you a cool $330.

                Understanding NHL Betting Odds

                Let’s take a look at this game between the Philadelphia Flyers and the Montreal Canadiens as our example. In the moneyline column, you can see the following numbers:

                Philadelphia -146

                Montreal +122

                This means that the Flyers are favored to win, as shown by the minus sign written in front of the 146, and the Canadiens are the underdogs, as shown by the plus sign in front of the 122.


                You can also bet on the total number of goals scored in a game. In the above example, the sportsbook has set a an Over/Under of 5. Usually that Over/Under or Totals number will be set around 5 and 6.5 for NHL games, and you’re betting on whether the number of goals scored in that game will be more (Over) or less (Under) the listed number.

                To learn more, click here to read our complete guide to betting on NHL hockey games.