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NBA: Wade’s Absence has Helped Heal LeBron James

There aren’t enough words in a thesaurus to adequately describe LeBron James. Unquestionably the most talented Basketball player of his generation, the public is torn over how to feel about King James. Al Dannity looks at how Dwayne Wade’s absence has enabled LBJ to reignite the public’s passion for the Miami Heat star.

We all make bad Decisions
The public anger towards LeBron James was undoubtedly his own doing. Leaving Cleveland wasn’t the issue, it was the way he went about it. The Decision stung NBA betting fans everywhere and showed a sheer lack of awareness on LBJ’s part. The pep rally down in South Beach soon after did little to quell the hatred. The reasons behind the decision to move to Miami however made sense. Cleveland had wholly failed to build a roster with real depth, with the type of threats that can hurt opponents. The Cavs were LeBron’s team but even Jordan had some big time help in Scottie Pippen, Horace Grant, and Dennis Rodman. Moving to South Beach gave LBJ a better chance at winning a ring; that is something most fans could accept. No-one denies The Decision was the wrong way to go about announcing this choice.

But we want to love LeBron
Yes he was a villain. In a way he embraced it but the way King James was fired up by the hate made us respect him in the post-season. Respecting the player while hating the man can only last so long. The lockout gave everyone time to deal with their feelings. Cleveland got quite the bounty in the draft. The public saw LeBron put together a bunch of YouTube highlights through the summer and when the NBA finally returned, we were all glad to see the big names back in action.

That’s the crucial part of this story. Much as I love what White Mamba is doing in Chicago, this league is about the stars. We want to love the big names and we will forgive them so many ills if only they give us opportunity to do so.

Wade’s injury gives LeBron the stage
LeBron James needs Dwayne Wade if he is to finally get that much-coveted ring. Not having D-Wade for a few games has however helped shape a most unlikely underdog story. Most tales of adversity don’t feature aid from Chris Bosh and Eddy Curry but LeBron’s is one of a man winning back the public’s affection against the odds. By stepping up and taking over, showing he can win games without Wade, LBJ is reminding us why he is king. LeBron James is not the best at doing any one thing, he’s the best at doing everything. It’s that never-ending diversity of skill that makes us forgive LBJ because we need to in order to love the game.

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