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Poker Player Banned From His WSOP Day 2 Seat

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With players heading into Day 2 of the WSOP Main Event today, it’s time to take stock of the numbers so far and to share a quick cautionary tale about why you should never throw a woman’s clothes out of a hotel window.

Let’s start with the tragic tale of online poker pro, Carter Gill. Gill played on the WSOP Main Event’s Day 1D and advanced on to Day 2A with 49,000 in chips. Day 2A is set to start very soon from the writing of this but Gill may have a hard time getting to his seat.

According to Gill’s twitter account (@cartergill) he was banned from all Harrah’s properties which includes the Rio where the WSOP is being played. Gill states that the ban came as a result of throwing a woman’s clothes out of his window.

He pleaded with his twitter follows for help saying, “If there is anything anyone can do to put me in touch with someone who can get me unbanned, I would greatly appreciate it.”

WSOP Tournament Director Jack Effel replied to Gill saying, “@cartergill Not my job to judge you…..I’ll look into it, but no promises. Will give you a call when I hear back.”

When asked by poker pro, Liv Boeree, what he had done to get banned, Gill went into some more detail saying that the girl’s clothes had contained a license she needed and that she flipped out over it. At first she didn’t care and hung out for a few hours but then became increasingly angry and called a friend of hers in security. Gill claims he wasn’t able to give his side of the story and that security accused him of several things which weren’t true.

When asking for help over Twitter, Gill may want to consider changing his bio which currently reads, “Kinda a pervert. I used to be alcoholic, i still am, but I used to be also.”

When asked over twitter why he doesn’t just show up at his seat, Gill responded that he was assured that security would be waiting for him and he would be arrested immediately.

This is not Gill’s first run in with the law but considering the money on the line in the WSOP Main Event, it could end up being his most costly.

In other WSOP news, the Main Event field was surprisingly large with 6,792 players making for the third largest WSOP Main Event in history; this in thanks to a massive turn out for Day 1D which saw a field of 2,809 players. This means that the Main Even winner will receive $8.7 million and the top 693 players will cash.

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