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Phil Laak Gets Super Powers After Breaking Poker Endurance Record

Phil Laak

Phil Laak, who recently broke the 78-hour Guinness World record for the longest continuous poker session with a staggering 115 hours of play, may have been changed forever by the feat. On his blog, Phil is claiming that being awake for over 100 hours has given him powers he’s never had before.

Most noticeably to Laak is that his empathy levels are “off the charts.” As examples, Laak offers up his experiences weeping through the new Karate Kid movie as well as feeling a deep connection with singer Pink’s sadness while watching a biopic about her, remarking that “the ‘old’ Phil would have his directionals on and not let this happen.”

Laak writes, “While on the ‘life cycle’ at the gym this week I was watching a show about the life and times of ‘Pink’ the singer/song writer. Pink shared a sad moment and it really hit me. I started to cry.  I was sad so I cried. I didn’t catch myself and remind myself that I was at the gym nor did I see this as something to be embarrassed about. I was sad so I cried.  It was simple.  Part way thru my cry I realized that this was for sure a new behavior for me. I don’t recall ever crying in a public place (movie theater’s, funeral’s and wedding’s excluded). And certainly not at the gym watching a TV show on the life cycle. In the past if I was crying I was most likely alone or with at most one person.”

Since shattering the world record, Laak also writes that his poker game has greatly improved, as well as his patience, athleticism, confidence and overall happiness levels. Laak also says his general love for mankind, the universe and all things is higher than ever before.

“The newer and more sensitive Phil that I have been living with is, I believe, a better Phil,” Laak writes. “I love this guy. I want to hug him. So score one up in the sensitivity department as I have more of it.”

Meanwhile, a group of evil-doers in Austria are threatening to rain on Laak’s happiness parade by attempting to break his record. The seven players, led by German screenwriter, actor and director Max Krückl, are eyeing 150 hours of continual poker play. According to the official website of the challenge,, they aim “to challenge and to cross the limits of what is humanly possible, not for money but for honor.”

The action is currently underway at the Kufsteinerhof Hotel and Restaurant in Kufstein, Austria. Play began on Saturday at 7:14 a.m. in Austria, and if they can stay awake, the group will play poker at least through Friday morning with a medical team on-hand. As Laak had also done, the attempt is being livestreamed.

We’re unsure as to whether or not their attempt will phase the “new” Phil, who signed off on his post as “The Happiest Degen to Have Ever Lived!” Want to reach Phil’s state of enlightenment? Apparently, you have to play lots of poker to do it. And, luckily for you, Sports Interaction’s online poker rooms are always open!

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  1. Phil Laak

    July 9, 2010 at 3:12 pm

    I beleive the Australians did break his record but i can’t find anywhere if Guinness was present. It will be a few months before Guinness makes it official also apparently.

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