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Anthony Kim Drinks with Phil Ivey, Misses Charity Golf Tournament

Anthony Kim

Golf pro Anthony Kim seems to have gotten a taste of the poker pro fast lane as he was seen enjoying himself perhaps a little too much at the Wynn Las Vegas with Phil Ivey. The alleged result of his extreme revelry was his missing the Justin Timberlake Shriners Hospital for Children Open.

According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, Kim went on a bit of bender and ended up getting a little disorderly at a Bellagio high-stakes craps table. One of the craps dealers told the Review-Journal that he had to be told to cool his obscenity-laden tirades by management and that he was “one loose cannon.” The dealer went on to state that Kim may have set a record for dropping F-bombs at the high-stakes craps tables, and based on this reporter’s experience at craps tables, that’s probably a very tough record to break.

This incident came on the heels of Kim being spotted drinking cognac and whiskey with Ivey, the results of which are rumored to be the real reason why Kim bowed out of the charity tournament at the eleventh hour the next day.

Kim cited his old thumb injury for the reason he couldn’t make the tournament, but we can only assume his thumb was severely aggravated by his previous night’s drinking.

Whether it’s the real reason for his missing the children’s charity tournament or not, Kim’s thumb could be at least partly to blame for his troubled mood. It was this injury that put the brakes on his upward momentum two years ago when he was being compared to Tiger Woods. Since his surgery back in May, he has been trying to get his golf game back into full swing although he’s yet to return to his old form.

It must be incredibly difficult for top-notch athletes to make millions of dollars and then lose it all due to something as small as an injured thumb. But you know who doesn’t have to worry about those types of injuries? Phil Ivey. And neither will you if you choose the path of poker pro. Drop that golf club and hang up that hockey jersey. You need a sport where the worst thing that could happen to you is that you get a sore butt.

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