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Sochi 2014 Calendar and Results: Opening Ceremonies

Today is the official start of the 2014 Winter Olympics. There are no events scheduled for today – the occasion is all ceremony, celebration and the athletes themselves.

Celebration of Russian History

As in every Olympics, the opening ceremony is as much about the host country as it is about the games themselves. Vancouver 2010 featured a celebration of Canadian history and heritage, just as the summer games in London celebrated Great Britain. In Sochi, they’re going to celebrate Russian history and heritage.

There are 3,000 performers scheduled to take part in the opening ceremony, which will feature Russia’s rich tradition of music, art and literature as well as such historic figures as Peter the Great. It will also pay tribute to Russia’s traditional fairytales, on which many of the works of the great Russian composers are based.

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The Parade of Athletes

It’s all about the athletes at the Olympics, and the entry of the competitors is always one of the emotional highlights of the games. Nearly 3,000 athletes will march after the flags of an astonishing 88 nations in the Fisht Olympic Stadium, culminating in the lighting of the Olympic Flame.

Canada’s Flag-Bearer

The signal honour of carrying the Canadian flag in the opening ceremony has been given to Canada’s veteran hockey player, Hayley Wickenheiser. Wickenheiser is hoping for a fourth gold medal in her fifth Olympics. It would be a great way for one of Canada’s greatest ever Olympians to bow out – unless she’s thinking of a sixth Olympiad, of course.

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