Super Bowl 53 Prop Bets: Trump, Maroon 5, Tom Brady Odds

Sports Interaction Staff | Updated Jan 31, 2019

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Super Bowl betting wouldn't be the same without a wide range of zany prop betting options that run the gamut from Gatorade to Trump.

February 03, 2019, 6:30 PM ET
Mercedes-Benz Stadium
L.A. Rams
Pointspread -3 +100
Moneyline -135
Over / Under o +56


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Pointspread +3 -120
Moneyline +115
Over / Under u +56


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Entertainment prop bets are one of the most fun ways to wager on the biggest sporting event of the year in North America. Since prop betting has grown in popularity, the types of prop bets has grown as well, meaning you can put money down on just about anything that happens on Super Bowl Sunday.  Let’s take a look at some of the more popular prop bets at Sports Interaction. 

Super Bowl LIII Prop Bets

National Anthem Prop Bets

The Super Bowl starts off with a mega-star singing the National Anthem, and this year is no exception, with Gladys Knight taking the mic to tackle one of the toughest national anthems to sing: The Star-Spangled Banner. The most popular bet to make is how long it’ll take the singer to cover the whole song from first note to last. Here’s a tip: If you look at the last 10 performances, the average time is 120.4 seconds.

Prediction: The safe bet here is to take the over.

But there’s more! Which player will the cameras cut to first while Gladys Knight is singing? Tom Brady is our prediction at -160, and we’d wager that Bill Belichick will be the first of the two coaches that will be shown on camera during the song. Will any players take a knee? Highly doubtful during the NFL’s biggest event of the year, but if they do….that might influence our next prop bet.

Donald Trump Super Bowl Prop Bets

Trump famously uninvited the Philadelphia Eagles last year after nearly all of the players said they would boycott the White House after Trump demanded that players stand during the anthem at games.

Prediction: Trump is a big Tom Brady fan, so if Brady and co. win the game, it’ll be a safe bet that Trump tweets some sort of congratulatory message.

Super Bowl 53 Halftime Show Prop Bets

After countless artists turned down the big Halftime Show gig, citing the multiple controversies surrounding the NFL in the past several years, the league lucked out (sort of) when Maroon 5 agreed to perform. So which of Maroon 5’s biggest hits will millions of Super Bowl watchers be treated to first? Makes Me Wonder is the current favorite at +250, but I’ll take Moves Like Jagger at +600 since it’s the only song I’ve heard of.

Tony Romo’s Tie Prop Bets

Betting on blue is the safe choice, but Tony Romo is a class act and the Super Bowl is the big event, so I’m going with +500 on black for this black-tie event.

Super Bowl Retirement Prop Bets

This prop bet is well-worn. Will the GOAT retire this year? Will he ever retire? Is he a cyborg? Chances are he won’t, and if he doesn’t, Belichick doesn’t either. Tight end Rob Gronkowski, on the other hand, seems like he might be playing in his last Super Bowl.

Prediction: Out of the three, the Gronk is the most likely to hang up his cleats.

Super Bowl 53 Gatorade Prop Bets

Last Super Bowl, the Eagles doused their HC with an unfortunately colored yellow sports drink. This year, my money’s on a clear drink like water. Interesting sidenote, Bill Belichick has avoided being showered with electrolytes three times in his Super-Bowl winning career.