Super Bowl 57 Final Score Prediction Conspiracy Odds

Edgar Chaput | Updated Feb 10, 2023

NFL: Super Bowl LVII-Stadium Views

It appears that the NFL wasn't careful on Friday morning and saw its "script" for Super Bowl 57 "leak" online for the public to see and speculate about. So what does it say about the result and final score? Read on!

February 12, 2023, 6:30 PM ET
State Farm Stadium
Pointspread +1.5 -110
Moneyline +102
Over / Under o +51.5


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Pointspread -1.5 -110
Moneyline -123
Over / Under u +51.5


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It’s been nearly two full weeks of hype, analysis, and predictions about what might happen this Sunday in Super Bowl 57 between the Kansas City Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles. Anyone who visits SIA regularly has noticed that there was no shortage of content since the conference title games decided which teams were to face each other on Feb. 12.

We’ve had a general game preview, a Super Bowl Edition of Best Bets, player props, an odds report, a presentation of cross-sports props, articles explaining how each side can win, entertainment props, etc. It’s been a whirlwind. There’s even a Puppy Bowl preview.

You can check all of those, as well as our Super Bowl Party PDF sheet and player props.

There’s still one thing we haven’t broached that most pundits and betters mention when predicting outcomes.

The final score.

Super Bowl 57 Final Score Prediction

We know that both the Eagles and Chiefs can put up points on a moment’s notice. Many teams have fallen victim along the way and witnessed it first-hand. As such, it shouldn’t be too surprising that the predicted final score would be a bit higher than the average football game. Keep in mind that the official over-under is 51.

Social media erupted in a hubbub earlier on Friday when the supposed final score was leaked via the Super Bowl “script” (insert one’s Arian Foster gag of choice here). Ah, the internet never ceases to entertain. In any case, should the game go “according to script”  the Philadelphia Eagles will earn their second Vince Lombardi trophy by the score of 37-34.

Super Bowl 57 - According to Script

Specials - Sticking to the Script
  • Eagles to win 37-34 exactly +7900

Obviously, the notion of there being an NFL script that pre-determines outcomes is ludicrous, but it makes for good banter and, for our purposes, additional analysis. So, Eagles 37-34 over the Chiefs.

Yay? Nay? Just keep in mind, in Hollywood script rewrites are not uncommon, even during production.

Stay tuned for Sunday night. Enjoy the game and may be the best team…follow the script?…