2019 Super Bowl Odds and Prop Bets: Best Betting Predictions

David Bastl | Updated Feb 01, 2019

Rams star running back Todd Gurley rushed for 10 yards on four carries during the Conference Finals. His Super Bowl rushing total is currently at 69.5 yards.

February 03, 2019, 6:30 PM ET
Mercedes-Benz Stadium
L.A. Rams
Pointspread -3 +100
Moneyline -135
Over / Under o +56


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Pointspread +3 -120
Moneyline +115
Over / Under u +56


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The Super Bowl is here, and that means it is officially the “Super Bowl” of player props as well, and Sports Interaction has you covered. Top to bottom, your Sunday can include betting on the National anthem, coin toss, player bench marks, halftime show, and even what colour Gatorade will be spilled on the victorious coach (I’m serious). Here are some of my favourite player props.

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2019 Super Bowl Odds and Prop Bets: Best Betting Predictions

Super Bowl MVP:

The smart way of selecting this winner is to select the quarterback of the winning team and place your bet. Nine of the last 12 Super Bowl MVP’s have matched this criteria. That’s a whopping 75 percent. But let’s go off the board here. Superstar defender, and most likely league defensive MVP Aaron Donald is paying a pretty +1500 to win it. If the Rams hoist the Vince Lombardi Trophy late Sunday night, it could very well be because of him. By the way, Tom Brady’s number to win the MVP is -115, wink, wink.

Total passing yards – Tom Brady (287.5)

This number screams over (-150). In Brady’s two previous playoff games he’s thrown for 348 yards against the Chiefs, and 343 yards against the Chargers. Last season in a loss to the Eagles, 505 yards, and the Super Bowl previous, 466 yards.

Total Interceptions – Jared Goff (0.5)

Goff has had his ups and down this season at the helm of one of the best offensives in football. However, under the brightest spotlight one could get away. Goff threw an interception versus the Saints and 12 during the regular, perhaps one gets away from him on Sunday (-155)

Total Rush attempts – CJ Anderson (8.5)

This guy has saved the Rams season since his start on December 23. In four games Anderson has rushed for 466 yards and has averaged 20.5 carries per game. In fact, his lowest amount of carries was in the Conference finals against the Saints, but still managed 16 carries in that game. I expect him to fly over the post number at Sports Interaction of 8.5.

Total Pass Receptions – Julian Edelman (6.5)

In 12 regular season games this season Edelman has averaged 6.16 receptions per game. That number has increased to an average of eight receptions in two post season games. Edelman has been the perfect outlet for Tom Brady, as the star quarterback has targeted number eleven 23 times this post season. I expect it to continue in the Super Bowl and to go over the total of 6.5 receptions.

Total Pass Receptions – James White (5.5)

This is an interesting prop considering that White tied an NFL record with 15 receptions in the Divisional round game against the Chargers, but slowed down quite a bit in the Conference finals with only four catches against the Chiefs. During the regular season, White caught 87 passes for an average of 5.44 per game. Considering the Rams averaged 6.3 receptions against from opposition running backs during the regular season, I will risk it and say go over the total of 5.5 receptions for White (-280).

Rob Gronkowski – Total Pass Receptions (3.5)

Here’s a rumoured scenario the media will be talking about all week – will this be the last NFL game for Rob Gronkowski? Gronk has done basically everything he could in the NFL, and if this is his last game, the only thing left is a seat in the Hall of Fame. I don’t have any insight whether this is it, but considering he was utilized in a different capacity last game against the Chiefs, I expect a game from the big tight end that includes five to six catches. This is one of my easier selections, taking Gronk to go over the 3.5 reception total (-230).

Total Receiving Yards – Sony Michel (5.5)

When I first saw this number, I laughed, true story. How could a starting running back not gain 5.5 yards receiving in a game? Well, one way is, if they don’t throw to him. In his last seven games, Michel has caught two passes, and only one in the last six games. Maybe Bill Belichick’s playbook doesn’t include Michel catching any passes? I saw they continue that trend and Michel only does his damage carrying the rock. Go under the number of 5.5 receiving yards (-185).

Total Rushing Yards – Todd Gurley (69.5)

I truly don’t think what we saw from Todd Gurley in the Conference final is the real Todd Gurley. Nobody could have predicted that one of the league’s best running backs would only rush for 10 yards and his team would get the win. Well, it happened. The Rams are quiet on this situation, but I wonder if he reaggrated his knee injury that kept him out of action at the end of the year? Also, with the hot hand of CJ Anderson, perhaps the Rams continue to play both backs constantly, thus taking away some carries from Gurley. If that is the case, and I believe it is, then go under the number of 69.5 yards (-155).

Total Rushing Yards – James White (17.5)

Remember all those things I said about Sony Michel and how he doesn’t catch balls in this Patriots offence? Well, the same thing goes for James White, who doesn’t run the ball in this Patriots offence. If fact, White isn’t even the number two option of rushing the ball behind Michel, as Rex Burkhead has more carries than White in the last five games. White is a receiving back, and a very good one. Go under the number of 17.5 yards (+100).

Total Rushing and Receiving Yards – CJ Anderson (50.5)

This isn’t a misprint; Anderson has the opportunity to win the MVP trophy at this league’s game. That’s how good he is. Will he do it? It probably won’t happen, but still a great pick-up for the Rams. Anderson will be used quite a bit in this game, and if his numbers are any indication of usage in the Super Bowl, I’m predicting he flies for the number of 50.5 yards (-145).

Exotic Props:

National Anthem – From the first note sung 

Gladys Knight will be the first to take centre stage at the big event, and I have a feeling that the “Empress of Soul” will live up to her name and hang onto those notes. My anthem pick is to go over the number of 105 seconds at -160. I also like Tom Brady at -160 to be the first quarterback shown when the anthem is underway.

Color of Gatorade – Poured on the game-winning coach

Although Lime/Green/Yellow is the heavy favourite in this category at +210, I’m going off the board and selecting Blue at +375. The reasoning – both teams have blue in their uniform, maybe there’s something there? Blue’s also the better tasting favour, right? Now I’m stretching.

Will Sean McVay be tackled to the ground by Get-Back coach Ted Rath during the game?

There’s only one option in this category, and it’s a hard yes for me at +1600. Ted Rath is in charge of Sean McVay, its one of his many jobs. Perhaps during the game, in excitement McVay falls to the ground after a Rams touchdown courtesy of Rath…it could happen.