Masters Golf Tournament Overshadowed by Tiger Woods' Neighbor's Daughter

Ellen Delaney | Thu. Apr 08 2010, 01:04 pm

On the day that Tiger Woods returns to professional golf at the Masters Tournament – another scandal breaks. As if there was any room in the Tiger Woods media blitz for more bombshells – yes – it looks like we may have a live one. It seems no one is safe from the mighty reach of Woods’ immense golf club and to prove it, The National Enquirer, who first broke the news of his infidelity, is now claiming Woods had a one-night-stand with the young daughter of his neighbor.

Twenty-two-year-old Raychel Coudriet claims she bedded the golfing great on a couch in his home office last May when Coudriet was just 21.

“I felt used and violated, like I meant nothing to him but a night of casual sex,” Coudriet told the Enquirer. “I wanted to dig a hole, crawl in and die.”

After their tryst, Tiger allegedly began sending her graphic text messages, which she ignored. 

Coudriet, a state college student who deleted her Facebook and Twitter accounts when the Enquirer story broke earlier this morning, first met Woods when she was just 14. Coudriet, whose father is a luxury homebuilder, lives in the same Isleworth neighborhood outside Orlando as Tiger and says that her encounter with Woods heated up in his infamous Cadillac Escalade, the same getaway vehicle he crashed whilst presumably fleeing the wrath of his wife who may or may not have been chasing him with a 9-iron on the heels of the initial Enquirer story. In his Cadillac, Coudriet claims Woods made “sexual advances” just yards from the house where Woods’ wife Elin Nordegren was home with their 3-month-old.

Coudriet told the tabloid she always had a crush on Tiger and that their one-night-stand materialized when Woods invited her to a party at a friend’s place. Coudriet arrived with a girlfriend and Woods promptly handed them both Corona beer mixed with rum. Then, while seated next to Coudriet, Woods texted her a message telling her to leave her friend. Over text messaging, Courdriet and Woods arranged their plan for a sexual encounter. The pair left the party separately, but then he picked her up from her home in his SUV and they eventually wound up went at Woods’ home office. 

After their encounter, Coudriet moved on with her life, etc. until she became furious (as all mistresses are) when a surplus of mistresses came crawling out of the woodwork looking for their payday. She confronted Tiger when she was home from spring break.

“I feel extremely violated by what you did to me!” Coudriet reportedly told Woods. “Sorry about that,” Tiger responded.

More Tiger news today includes the release of a weird commercial courtesy of Nike – which shows Tiger staring glumly into the camera as a voiceover of his deceased father, Earl Woods, lectures him.

“Tiger, I am more prone to be inquisitive. I want to find out what your thinking was; I want to find out what your feelings are,” the voice of Earl Woods says.

Will the 2010 Masters Golf Tournament be about golf or more about the salaciousness of Tiger Woods’ life? It will be interesting to see today whether or not Woods cracks under the pressure. Yes, he has done many, many, many bad things. But fundamentally, how much scrutiny can one human being take on?