Did Simon Cowell Commit a Crime by Knocking Up Laura Silverman?

Ellen Delaney | Fri. Aug 02 2013, 03:08 pm

In an unusual legal move, Andrew Silverman named X-Factor host Simon Cowell as a co-respondent in the divorce filing between he and his wife Lauren Silverman. Lauren, 37, is reported to be 10 weeks pregnant with Cowell’s baby. The filing was made in New York, in which fault does not have to be designated in a divorce filing, but Andrew chose to file a fault divorce as a result of his significant betrayal at the hands of Lauren and Simon, who was supposed to be a good friend.

Being named as co-respondent means that Cowell, 53, may be forced to testify in divorce court and reveal his finances, along with the details of his affair with Lauren. Divorce attorney Martha Cohen Stine told the NY Post this is “a signal to the spouse who cheated that the wronged spouse is very angry and that it’s going to be a very nasty, scorched-earth, high-profile litigation.” William Zabel, another marriage attorney said “I assume it’s to embarrass them and get them to settle.”

Cowell met the Silvermans seven year ago while on vacation in the Barbados with his then girlfriend Terri Seymour. Cowell remained close to the Silvermans after he became engaged to Mezghan Hussainy, and the couples often vacationed together. The couples were photographed together and looking happy in January 2012 aboard Cowell’s yacht, and sources report that even then the affair between Lauren and Simon was ongoing.

Until recently, Andrew and Lauren had lived together in an apartment in the Upper East Side, but Lauren has retreated to their Bridgehampton home with their seven year old son, who shares his father’s name. Friends of the couple have expressed that little Andrew’s fate is their main concern amid the scandal. “How will all this play out?” they asked. “That’s the really sad part.”

Going above and beyond, TMZ has dug into New York law and uncovered an obscure criminal misdemeanor that makes adultery a crime that carries a sentence of up to three months in jail. However, it is not evident that Andrew Silverman will pursue this legal avenue.

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